Thursday, November 20, 2014

Save the date!! The Arc of the Hill Country Dance is December 6, 2014!!

Hello everyone!  
It's almost Thanksgiving!!!   Get that turkey ready! 
  Before the rush of Christmas is upon us, we are having our December dance early.
This year it will be December 6, 2014, at the John Paul II Catholic High School.

Santa Claus will drop in for a visit!!  And we have a Christmas craft all planned out!  

This will also be the time when we vote for next years' officers and board members.  We have a need more board members, so please think about joining us! 
It's one Saturday out of the month,  the board meetings are at 4 and the dances start at 6 on the same days.  We do  have plans and goals to achieve so much
more, but we need your help!

Any questions about our board, please feel free to contact any of the existing members.  We all want the best for our loved ones, as do you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Arc of the Hill Country Turkey & Pie Fest, this Saturday, Nov.15, 2014 !

Hello Everyone!

The Holiday season is here!   

We are having our Thanksgiving dance this Saturday, the 15th.  We will be at the John Paul II Catholic High School, on 6720 FM 482 again.
They have such a nice large space for us and we have room for everyone, so bring a friend and a pie!  That way we'll have a variety of pie to
go with our turkey sandwiches.   We will have a pumpkin decorating craft to take home as a table center piece.   And of course,
 we have lots of raffle items so remember your ticket!  

We are having a board meeting at 4pm at the same place, same day.  Please feel invited to join us as we have great goals and need you
and yours to be a part of it all!

Hope to see you Saturday!!  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Arc of the Hill Country; SAVE these dates!!

Hello everyone,
Well,  here it is the beginning of November!  It will Christmas in a flash!  Are you ready?? 
I know I'm not, yet!

 Here are some important dates coming up for you to mark on the calendar before things
get to hectic!  We don't want to miss anyone!

November  15, 2014     is our Thanksgiving Bash!
John Paul II Catholic High School,  6720 FM 482.
The food will be turkey, one way or another!   Pumpkin decorating, and pies!
And of course,  dancing!

Our Board is looking for new nominations to serve for the upcoming year.  Some of the officers will
be leaving the position they currently serve, due to term limits.  These spots will need to be filled!
Please think about joining us as either an officer or a board member.  You are needed by us and your
family member that we help serve.

December 6, 2014  is our Christmas Celebration!
John Paul II Catholic High School,    6720 FM 482
Santa Clause will make an appearance  early just for us!    We will craft a gift, eat good food and
dance of course!

This day votes will be tallied for the upcoming years' elections.  Please get involved and join us!

January 17, 2015    will be our 4th year Anniversary!  
John Paul II Catholic High School,    6720 FM 482
We are planning a great celebration for our 4th anniversary!  

Our primary event will be a talent show!  We'd like everyone who wants to, to get on the stage and dance,
sing, do both, tell a joke, recite a poem, play an instrument, put on a skit or tell a story.  Whatever they would most like to do!
We want to showcase our wonderfully, talented family members so everyone can see how blessed we 
all are!
Any questions or concerns, let us know!