Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Special Needs Resources

Here is information about a resource list we received recently from Amy Ellison at PhD in Special Education.com.  Amy says:
I just completed my latest posting where I compiled a list of the 100 
best special needs resources on the web which you can see here http://phdinspecialeducation.com/special-needs/

I did my best to cover sites dealing with Autism, Down Syndrome, Batten 
Disease and overall special education knowledge. My hope is that people can 
take away some great info from my research and really learn something new 
about just how special our special educators are.

Some of the sites simply 
chronicle an individual's or family's journey with Down Syndrome or another 
condition, and some of the sites offer advice or links to other resources for 
those doing research about special education or a specific type of special 

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