Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Free iPad Apps Today

There are lots of apps available today to celebrate Autism Awareness Month.  Some may be on sale longer, but some just for today:

Little ABC Writer - https://appsto.re/i66t8s9
Talk+ Touch - https://appsto.re/i66r3mR
ASD Tools - https://appsto.re/i66r3m4
Timer+ Touch HD - https://appsto.re/i66t8sJ
Thesaurus | Visual English Dictionary - https://appsto.re/i66t8bY

These are lite versions that are normally .99 but are free today. Their paid versions of these apps are also on sale.

Between the Lines Advanced Lite HD - https://appsto.re/i66t8KW
Fun With Directions HD Lite - https://appsto.re/i66t8Ky
Picture the Sentence HD Lite - https://appsto.re/i66t8KC
First Phrases HD Lite - https://appsto.re/i66c85G
More Fun With Directions HD Lite - https://appsto.re/i66t3Cg
Between the Lines Level 1 Lite HD - https://appsto.re/i66c85R
Between the Lines Level 2 Lite HD - https://appsto.re/i66r3mG
Between the Lines Advanced Lite HD - https://appsto.re/i66t3CB
Fun with Verbs & Sentences Lite HD - https://appsto.re/i66c85c

Have a great day!

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