Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Things To Do At Home

Hi everyone,

If you have young ones at home and are looking for creative/productive activities to keep them occupied, here are a few ideas.  Of course you can take the ideas and customize it to fit to the functional level of your young ones. 

o Monthly event schedule: Have your young ones to maintain his/her social event schedule on a calendar.  It can be as simple as writing down the events on a pre-printed calendar, or he or she can develop his own calendar on Excel spreadsheets, or use one of those apps available on cell phones.  Events such as Arc's monthly dance parties, bowling leagues, baseball practices, birthday parties, volunteer activities, etc. will certainly make them excited and anticipating.  Using stickers on the calendar is always fun. 

o Filling egg tray: I have my son to fill the egg tray in the frig.  Somehow he decided to count all the eggs when he fills the tray and every morning he counts them again.  I never run out of eggs in my house, because he is always keeping track of how many eggs we have left and reminds me to buy some when the tray is almost empty.

o Use texting as a daily planner: Have your young ones to text you every night what he/she plans to do the next day.  If he/she can not type, use the emojis creatively.  There are so many out there, you can depict almost any event with an emoji.  It's fun and it will make you feel very trendy. 

o Check weather: Another nightly ritual at our house is to check the weather for the next day using weather apps.  We talk about the weather, high/low temperature, what to wear, what to take to the outings on the next day. 

o Empower them: Have them in charge of a drawer in the kitchen, a closet, or a section of the frig so that he/she can organize his favorite stuff and keep them clean.  My son's favorite section is the beverage cabinet.  He keeps all beverages neatly lined up and transfers them to frig when they are low in frig.  It can be their toys, sporting goods, baseball cards, specialty t-shirts, shoes, jewelry, etc.  Everyone has their favorite stuff that they want to be OCD about.  Of course mine is the wine section :)

Please share your ideas with me as well.  I want to explore something new every week.  These can be fun as well as educational.     

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