Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fwd: December 12, 2015 Save the date for The Arc of the Hill Country's December Dance

Season's greetings everyone!!

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas in no time at all!!
Our December dance is a week sooner than normal, so it won't be the weekend before Christmas.  It'll be
the 12th, which is real soon!

We are planning a fun night and Santa Claus will be coming!!
We would really like to know how many to expect so mark your calendars and let us know!!

Because it's such a busy day and because we have SO much to discuss,  we are having a board meeting
on Sunday December 6th, 2 pm,   at JPII school.  

We are inviting you to join us as we make plans for next year.  We have so many ideas and projects we would like
to put into motion, but we need help!!  We need you!    We need others to join the board, and become part of our activities.
It is usually just one day out of the month, that you need to commit to.  

Our primary goal is to offer services, continuing ed, transportation, making friends and having for our loved ones to live the best lives they can in our wonderful community!!    More info to come!!

Save these dates!!   December 6 and 12th!

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