Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Arc of the Hill Country Dance Nov. 19, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

As  mentioned in the last email, we are looking for some of you wonderful folks to join our organization!
    We need you to help us make the most opportunities available for our loved ones. Whether it's social, educational,
     or  recreational,  we want every opportunity within reach in our community.   You need not be on the board for this,
     but we are looking for more board members and/ or officers.   

  The board serves for 1 year, up to 3 years for each position.   We generally meet the same day as our dances,
     just a little earlier.  We would want your participation in fundraising events and any seminars we would host.
We have high goals for our loved ones.  One way is the PEACE Program, which is doing great and ready to expand its' growth,
both in participants and activities.  It's  active, fun places  to go during the day, using each participants skills  to the best
of their abilities.  We started out on Tuesday's and Thursday's and have added Wednesday's at McKenna Children's 
    Museum.   Monday's and Friday's are soon to come!
But we need help.  Just a little time from so many could make such a difference.
We have years to go and we know our area is ready for more programs that we want to be a part of.   
    And we want you to be part of it with us!

     I'm attaching The Arc of the Hill Country's registration form and the
PEACE Program application as well.

Hope to see you Saturday at the Pie Swap!

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