Monday, February 19, 2018

Here is Your Chance to Make Sure Our Special Students Receive the Services they Need and Deserve

Many people are not aware that a few years ago TEA decided that Texas schools should have no more than 8% of their students classified as special ed—even though the national average is 13-18%. 

Schools who did not meet this standard were penalized in various ways and were not allowed to make the public aware of the issue.  After an expose in the Houston Chronicle, the federal government stepped in and has mandated that TEA make changes.  

TEA has a survey that allows the public to weigh in on those changes.  The deadline to take the survey is Tuesday (tomorrow).  Although the survey states that you must read the “Corrective Action Plan” before taking the survey, it is not really necessary.  The survey contains the information as part of the questions.  

Please consider adding your voice to help children and families who have been denied services by TEA’s unlawful regulations by clicking the following link: survey

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